You can control volume while watching your Apple TV with CiderTV app.

Connect Smart TV to local WiFi

CiderTV will find your Smart TV automatically if it is connected to local Internet network (via Wi-Fi or Ethernet cable) and supports volume control over IP (DLNA mode). Make sure your device with CiderTV app installed is in the same network too.

To connect your networked Smart TV with your Apple TV, please do the following:

  • Open the Apple TV control screen and press the cogweel button above the volume control bar. You will see all suitable Smart TVs in your network.
  • Select the TV connected to your Apple TV. If there is no your device in the list, check if it is turned ON and connected to same WiFi as your mobile device.

Some Samsung SmartTVs may require additional pairing of CiderTV app with your TV. In such cases please see your TV screen for instructions.