Last two weeks saw the release of tvOS 9.2 for Apple TV 4. This allows users to set up any Bluetooth keyboards in conjunction with their Apple TV box - both Apple and external bluetooth keyboards. It means you can control Apple TV 4 right from the comfort of your Mac. The process is easy enough, but thanks to the CiderTV app, connecting your Mac to Apple TV 4 will be even easier.

Use Mac as bluetooth keyboard for Apple TV

In celebration of the latest tvOS 9.2 release, Ezzi apps has announced CiderTV v1.2 for Mac, now with Apple TV 4 support. The app allows you to watch your favorite episodes, movies, television shows, browse iTunes and more from your Mac using the native Bluetooth keyboard of your Apple computer. This is perfect if you happen to lose that tiny Apple remote control or don't have a separate Bluetooth keyboard of your own. The process of setting it up is all too easy. Here's how to do it.

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How to pair Mac with Apple TV 4

As easy as CiderTV remote is to use, it won't set itself up. All it takes is a few quick steps and a positive attitude to get your Apple TV 4 remote up and running. First, you need to pair the app with your set-top box. Assuming you've already downloaded the CiderTV app (if not, do it now!), get it up and running. Once you have the app, launch it. Check your laptop Bluetooth is "On & Discoverable". Make sure to keep Bluetooth preferences window open on your Mac during pairing.

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Setting up Apple TV remote for Mac

The pairing process has a couple of options. If you have the native remote for Apple TV, pairing it with you device couldn’t be any easier. Simply turn on your ATV go to Settings > General > Bluetooth and select your Mac in the the Devices list. Tap Pair on the dialog window, appeared on your Mac. That should get CiderTV remote in perfect working order.

Control Apple TV from Mac without remote

The second option of pairing CiderTV remote with your Mac is a bit more complicated but is a wonderful alternative if you have misplaced the native remote. The Bluetooth preference window should be open before the setup. For the next step, you'll have to connect your Apple TV 4 to your Mac using a USB cable. Any USB cable should do.

Next reset your Apple TV in the iTunes app - it is quite easy, don't worry. Once you’ve done that, turn your Apple TV on (just plug in its power cord), open CiderTV for OS X and wait until Apple TV will find your Mac. Click "Pair" in a dialogue that should have popped up on your screen. From there, you will now see Cider TV control interface on your Mac screen.

Control Apple TV from Mac keyboard

Intuitive CiderTV controls and clear interface make Apple TV navigation easy from your Mac.

The following functions act as the main controls:

  • Arrow left = move to the left
  • Arrow right = move to the right
  • Arrow up = move up
  • Arrow down = move down
  • Enter = OK/Select
  • Esc = Menu

In case you have multiple bluetooth-enabled devices, CiderTV will find them automatically and will let you switch between them pressing Option + arrow up/down key. To hide or reveal the CiderTV app window hit the Option + Shift + Tab keys.

Control Apple TV from many your devices

Well there you have it, now you’re ready to control all your favourite movies and TV shows on Apple TV from the comfort of your own Mac. What if you don’t have a Mac? Not a problem at all. The CiderTV app can be download for any iOS or Android devices and it even adapted for Apple Watch. All apps are free. Enjoy!

Update from May 10th, 2016

Introducing keyboard feature in CiderTV for Mac! You can now type your search queries and even passwords on your 2nd, 3rd and 4th generation Apple TV! Get new awesome update from the Mac AppStore