The following guide will help you to pair CiderTV app with 2nd & 3rd generation Apple TV.

With CiderTV app you can navigate Apple TV and control linked Smart TV volume.

If you have 4th generation Apple TV check another guide: How to control Apple TV 4 with CiderTV

Before you start, check this:

  • You have the latest version of CiderTV app on your device;
  • Your Apple TV is ON and is on the same WiFi network with your iPhone with CiderTV installed;
  • (optional) If you want to control volume on your smart TV - the latter should be connected to same local WiFi too.

Short How-to video

Pairing with Apple TV

Follow these steps:

  • Open CiderTV on your smartphone;
  • Press on the "+" button to scan for new Apple TVs;
  • Your local network scan will run automatically;
  • Select your 2nd or 3rd generation Apple TV in the list of found devices;
  • Go to the Settings menu on your Apple TV and select General → Remotes
  • Find your CiderTV instance in "iOS Remotes" list (will look like "CiderTV - YourDeviceName").
  • Select it and enter our default "0000" (four zeros) code in the pairing dialogue. Press "Done".
  • Your CiderTV app is now paired with your 2nd/3rd gen Apple TV!